Friday, December 2, 2011

Discussion: Food At The Game Table

Gaming is, at its core, a social activity. Several people gather around a table and spend several hours there. Often the game is run in the evening and can go through dinner time. It is also very common for their to be food of some kind present at the gaming table. Today I'm curious what kind of food do you allow at your game table? Do you ban any particular foods? Is it communal or do folks feed themselves?

Where I play we tend to feed ourselves, but on occasion we do group meals. Sometimes the meals have a theme, and sometimes it is just a side purpose (i.e. it is someone's birthday, so we get a big meal for the game group to celebrate.)

Have you ever used food at your table to simulate food in game? Used the meal to simulate dinner that was going on in game? If so, how did it go?

I'm also really curious to hear if anyone has banned a type of food. I played in a game where cheetos were banned because the GM was sick of Cheeto stains getting onto the char sheets. Another group didn't allow fish, but for the more practical reason that the smell of cooked fish made a player nauseous.

How about with your group?


  1. We only ban nuts because my wife is allergic. There's a soft ban on alcohol but that's broken from time to time. We usually will make meals and it takes up a lot of time which can be frustrating.

  2. My group is awesome. At the beginning of the night one person orders some food for everyone else. Each week it rotates to someone else in the group and another person will buy the meals for everyone...except as the DM I am always given a pass. So, I get a free meal each game night!
    In addition, a couple of the people will bring a bunch of snacks that is shared by everyone.

    As for combining a meal and an adventure...I was running Legend of the 5 Rings and for one night we all met at the local sushi place and played for 5 hours (and eating). While the adventure only partially was set in an eatery, the ambiance of being there really helped overall.