Friday, November 11, 2011

Discussion: Do You Guys Want Reviews?

Today's discussion is more for the state of the blog and what you guys want out of it/me. Now, a while back I started - briefly - to review RPG books, but then stopped when it clicked with me that reviewing products wasn't necessarily the best idea when I was hoping to, someday, be writing those very types of books. Not that I don't think I could be objective, but I wouldn't want a potential employer to see something I wrote as bashing their company, or not praising their work enough. Simply put, it is best to stay out of that in general.

However, the site has gotten big enough that a few other places have emailed me asking about potentially doing reviews of their products or services. Most of this is stuff that sits on the periphery of gaming culture - odd jewelery and such. So, my question for this session would be is that something you'd like, or would you prefer it not be here?

Personally I could go either way. I'm not sure why you guys would trust my word on whether something is good or not, especially when I'm just her rambling about GMing and game design, but maybe you would? Anyhow, let me know and I'll take it into consideration (I really will) while I mull over the options.

Also, while I don't want to do full reviews, there have been some requests for something like it. Would people want impressions on game systems from me? Provided I can find more systems that are "new" to go over? Sound off on that too :)


  1. Yes and no. I like reviews of products I am interested in. Thus I read such reviews and ignore the others. As for having YOU do reviews I have found this site and your articles to be insightful, even if at times I do not agree with your overall point. Thus I would read the reviews (with the caveat it was on a product of even marginal interest to me).

    Personally I enjoy a broad spectrum of reviews (ie from different people) as it gives a cross section of viewpoints. I have found reviewers stay on the points that interest them the most so the more reviewers the more points are covered.

    As for bashing on potential employers, when it comes to reviews I believe you can "bash" without bashing. It's more about stating what did not work and how you would have preferred a product had been done (what was missing, etc), as opposed to simple saying something stinks and leaving it at that. I think most people want to hear why something is bad over just being told it is bad.

  2. You make a very good point Callin. Also, any time you disagree with my point, I'd love to hear the alternative view. It gets folks thinking more when there is a counter argument :D

  3. I'm not interested in reviews, except to the extent that they might be part of a discussion of actual play/nostalgia blasting, & so forth.

    Like, "I remember one time when we tried to play Aftermath! and you wouldn't believe...."

    Certainly no new products!