Friday, October 7, 2011

Discussion: State of the Blog

For today's discussion I wanted to check in with you guys and ask what you think about the blog.

Do you like the topics I'm going over? Are there issues you'd wish I'd steer away from, or go more into? Is there any series you'd like to see killed dead, or new series brought to life?

Basically, I'm looking for constructive feed back on the blog. What works, what doesn't, and where you'd like to see it go in the future. I can't promise I'll heed every piece of advice I get, but I am interested in seeing - and delivering on - what you guys want.


  1. I can't not post something, so I'll say that I'm good with the way things are. I don't really have any suggestions?

    I guess, I just wanna say that your posts are really thought provoking almost every time and I come here every day, so I think that says something about the state of your blog. Keep it up.

  2. Wow Broken, thanks. I'll try to keep it up :D

  3. Some questions that I've been trying to answer coherently are.
    Why is it so hard to explain why a Table Top RPG is fun.
    Why is it so hard to explain what an RPG is?
    Why do some people choose RPGs as their main hobby and others have no interest? (As in what quality makes this happen)

    Basically I've been trying to deconstruct the whole concept of the RPG to figure out what makes them tick. These could be answered with quick off the shelf answers but there is always variation and disagreement when these are answered and the answers are not actionable meaning they cannot be used in a meaningful way. They are usually answered like someone asking why a rock is smooth and getting the answer "It was probably in a stream." That doesn't functionally answer the question but it's accepted as an answer.

    I can say this to everyone else, A.L. is really open to input. I've emailed him in the past on thoughts and he's paid attention and gave good answers each time.