Friday, September 23, 2011

Discussion: What Are You Playing?

For today's discussion I figured we'd discuss something of interest to us all, at least on a personal level. I want to know who/what you are playing in right now? What games do you have going on? What characters are you playing in those games?

I'm pretty lucky in that I'm in a few games right now.

Later today I have Dark Heresy where I am playing Sister Cassandra of the Adepta Sororitas. The group recently went through a warp storm and ended up going through time, specifically to Warhammer Fantasy, so it'll be fun to see how bolters and power armor does against magic and vampires.

Next friday I am in a Halo game where everyone (save one player) is a Spartan III during the Battle for Earth (between Halo 2 and Halo 3.) The game is fun, and the new GM is showing a lot of potential.

GM wise my normal L5R game is on hiatus while the Halo game runs. Additionally I am running a Deathwatch game where, among other things, the Kill Team just killed 2 small Greater Daemons. Accolades and politics awaits...

How about you?


  1. I am running a 4E sandbox hexcrawl right now. I was also running a secondary and separate 4E campaign, but that is on hiatus while most of the houjse is packed up in anticipation of a move, though we it may be starting back up in a week or so.

  2. As of now, all of my games are pbp. I had to leave my normal gaming groups and my current schedule doesn't leave a set time to actually game irl.

    I'm running two games using the system I co-created. The first game is called Peasants to Heroes. It's low magic and low income. The players started out as peasants and are searching for a girl who's been kidnapped from their home village. I have the whole campaign mapped out (in general) and in a real life game it would last maybe 6-7 sessions (but, I usually play 4-5 hour sessions).

    The other game is using the same system, and it's a steampunk game where the adventurers have joined a guild and are now doing work for the guild and against the guild knowingly. They're part of a group that's trying to take down the guild.

    The third game I'm in is WR&M which just started. It's in a war-torn dock city where four witches vie for control over one another, simply using the city as a stage for their personal war and the players (including myself) are all survivors trying to escape. My character is Black Mamba, inspired by the Black Whirlwind from Jade Empire.

  3. You can do worse for inspiration than the Black Whirlwind.

    Your post reminded me though, one of my housemates is starting up an L5R game. In it I'm playing a Bayushi Bushi who is fairly heavily inspired by Toretto from Fast and the Furious (Vin Diesel's character. It actually does fit)

  4. Right now I'm running the playtest version of Adventures Dark and Deep ("what if Gygax had stayed at TSR to keep developing AD&D?") in a homebrew campaign setting. We only meet every other Friday, but I'm certainly having a blast.