Friday, September 30, 2011

Discussion: Silly Gamer Related Content

This week has had a few serious topics in it. Not to say that it's been dark or depressing, but the topics have been fairly..well..dry. So today I wanted to lighten the mood and bring the topic to gamer related culture. Facts are facts, and there are a lot of folks out there who embrace - or even make a living off of - their geeky-ness.

So, for today I want people to post some of their favorite geek culture references, or just ones that made them chuckle.

To nail a few obvious ones, Penny Arcade has done a fair few comics related to table top gaming (namely all the times Gabe has been developing as a GM) and some table top RPG related comics. My personal favorite of those is probably this one, but this one is also pretty awesome. (the second one may need the directly previous comic to make full sense)

Then, on the youtube front, there was the "Roll a D6" video recently. Which hate it or not, is amusing if only because it sparked numerous dozen+ page discussions as to whether or not the girl could actually be a wizard with what she was wearing, and wondering why the GM was there as a PC in the IC sections.

What about you? Got anything similar you'd like to share?


  1. Thanks for reminding me of the tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo.

  2. So /THAT/ is where all the gazebo jokes come from....

  3. What about Order of the Stick?

  4. May I never roll a 20 again should I not include:

    DM of the Rings

  5. OotS is great. As is DM of the Rings.

    In the same vein as DM of the Rings there is also Darths & Droids