Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My GM Merit Badges

Thanks goes to Pointyman of Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer for the heads up, and to Strange Magic for the actual merit badges themselves. These seem like a neat idea, and figured I'd run through them and see what badges stuck to me as a GM. Take a look at the links and see what applies to you.

The Badges
 Character Death can be a part of my games, especially when the PCs get in over their heads.

 My games focus on characters more than other things.

 Characters in my games are generally destined to do big things.

 Session to session I do a lot of improvisation

 I'm the GM, I decide the rules, and I'm not afraid to tinker with them for the needs of a session.

 Players often have the best ideas, why not use them?

 PvP is allowed in my games, all of them, provided there is good reason.

 My games tend to tell a story

 Tactics are important in my games. Especially if you want to avoid character death.

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  1. Awesome! That's really good, especially if there is a way for GMs to advertise their game style using them.