Friday, July 8, 2011

Discussion: What Is High Adventure?

Genres are a funny thing in RPGs. They're a funny thing because everyone has slight - to significant - variances in what they believe each genre is about, and those different perspectives can shift a game. You don't have this problem in a movie or a book, because in those cases there is someone with supreme authority over the creation, and all other views must bow to his or her view. Games, however, are another matter altogether. Sure, the GM has the most control over the feel of the universe, but the players have a lot of control themselves.

With that in mind, I am curious what the term "High Adventure" means to you. If we were sitting down at the table, and I mentioned that I was going to run a "High Adventure" game and wanted to know what you felt that should mean for the game, how would you answer?

To me, high adventure means action. Maybe not fighting, but chases, running from rocks, traps, temples, etc. The good guys are competent, and most of the enemies are just mooks making for an almost pulpy feel. Combat is less important than the general feeling of kinetic action and grandiose events. I'm thinking Indiana Jones more than Equilibrium, though if we end up pairing them off for something like The Mummy then that is fine to.

How about you? What do you think of when someone says "High Adventure"?

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  1. To me, I think it would mean the PCs taking up a noble quest and facing what would seem like insurmountable odds.