Friday, July 22, 2011

Discussion: Favorite Die

Let's keep today's discussion simple, shall we? Over the course of your gaming career, you've probably rolled hundreds if not thousands of dice, and dice of all shapes and sizes as well. The pyramid d4, the cube d6, all the way to the golf ball shaped D100. So, my question to you today is this: what is your favorite die, and why?

For me, there are two answers. Practical/mechanical, and aesthetics. For practical reasons, I'd probably say the D10. It is incredibly useful, breaks things down into easily understood 10% chunks, and is the die of choice for both of the games I am currently running (L5R and Deathwatch,) as well as for one of the two games that I am currently playing in (Dark Heresy.) Honestly, I've specifically strayed from using D10s in several of my designs, just to try out other dice. Though, with NINJA! I did return to the D10.

For aesthetic purposes, I've got to go with the D5 I got in a Game Science pack (this bad boy right here.) I like it for a number of reasons. One, it fits nicely in my hand and just feels cool. Two, I didn't think an odd numbered die could work. Finally, three, it has kind of a unique shape to it. To exaggerate at least a little bit, I love using my D5, to the point of having on insisted it be used even when it had to be dug up out of a stack of dice.

So, how about you? Do you have a favorite die? Don't restrict yourself to how I have. Feel free to go off about any qualifier. Maybe your favorite die is a particular die, that D20 you got in the old D&D boxed set and has seen you through thick and thin perhaps? The set of D6's bought for you by a boyfriend or girlfriend as they joined/tried to get you to join them in this hobby. Sound off in the comments below.


  1. Functionally I like two d10s for a percentile roll. Ascetically I like the d20. It feels great to roll and it's the first thing people grab when you pour out a dice bag. I've never played with a d5, it looks fun.

  2. I still have the original dice from the Moldvay Basic Boxed Set my mom bought me in 1982. Soft & white cornered & never 'crayoned'. I remember shaking them in a glass jar to wear the corners down :)