Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quick Fix: Announcing Shattered Refractions

I'd like to take a second in here to announce my new blog: Shattered Refractions. Now, don't worry about this one. I'm not shutting down Reality Refracted, nor am I taking any focus away from it. Reality Refracted will remain here, and remain on topic about games, gaming, and game design. Shattered Refractions is going to be my blog for, well, me. It's going to be a bit more random, a lot more varied, but mostly just be a place for me to rant and ramble about the non-gaming (though still likely gaming related) things that I like.

Yes, this does mean that those of you addicted to my bloggery now have 3 potential sources: here, Stuffer's Shack, and Shattered Refractions. Hopefully you'll enjoy the geekery. If not, well, I won't take it personally. Promise.

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