Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Player's Pledge

So, I've noticed a problem in my gaming of late. Not that I'm necessarily doing something wrong, but I sure as hell am not doing it right. I can see it, and I can see others in my group - altogether one of the best groups I've ever seen or heard of - when I compare our characters to some of the others in the game. So, with that in mind, this is the pledge for what I will be endeavoring to do with future characters I get to play. Feel free to join in, or add your own to the end.

I pledge to stop trying to play it safe. To stop trying to walk the middle ground and get the best of both worlds. My characters will make decisions and they will go for what they want. They will not be afraid to make a bad decision, a stupid decision, or a dangerous decision if in doing so they can get closer to accomplishing their goals.

I pledge to have my character stand for something. For there to be a line that they will not cross, and woe to any man, woman, or thing that tries to push them back over it. My character will not hide this line, but instead will let all know where it is, lest they push my character to far and leave themselves open to retaliation.

I pledge to be ambitious. My characters will have goals that are larger than life, because my characters should be larger than life. My character will strive to accomplish these goals and be worthy of the story that is being told. These goals may not be large in the mundane sense, but through my character's actions no one will be able to tell the difference.

I pledge to do all in my power to take the bad things in stride as a player and not assume the GM is just being an ass. I will understand that failure is as important, if not more so, than success for my character to grow and be tested and that these setbacks are opportunities for fun. As such, I will do what is needed to cause these moments to be fun, and enjoy the hardships that come as a natural part of the above three points.

Finally, I pledge to keep these things in moderation. Everyone at the table has a right to have fun and a chance in the spotlight, and I should not infringe upon that right. The point is for the group to have fun, and my job is to help that along as a player, with my character, and with the situations that my character ends up in. I pledge to include other characters in these hardships and fun events whenever possible.

Now, not all parts of this pledge are things I've necessarily messed up before, but I feel it makes a good basis for what goes on in a game, and what we should be willing to do in those games. Some characters can be fun with the compromises they'll make, but try to have a goal in mind for it. Most importantly, have fun, and never stop having fun while playing in your RPG of choice.


  1. I've read this and thought about it for several hours now. Unfortunately I very rarely get to be a player. Getting my players to sign onto this would be a little pushy. At most I could introduce the idea, maybe that's all that's needed. I know what you mean as I read through this but I'd be scared to death of how my players interpret it!

  2. There are lots of different ways to play, so this is definitely not for everyone. For me, it makes sense. Even for my group it does. If nothing else, it is something to think on as a way to play, and to keep yourself from ruining your own fun.