Friday, June 24, 2011

Discussion: When Are You Most Excited?

For today's discussion I want to talk about you. More specifically, I want to talk about your excitement level for games, and how it works.

Do you tend to be the most excited about a game before it starts? When the table is full of that creative energy as people make characters and the GM gives you the key details for the world? Do you get more excited between sessions? Looking for the next bit of the story, or the next act that you can do with your character? Or, is it the ending that really gets you? The culmination of the story points where things come together and your character moves on, no longer a PC or protagonist in the big and scary world?

Obviously, this will vary from game to game. Some games, despite our tendencies, may have had us frothing at the mouth at the end or middle when we usually prefer the beginning. Some games may be a bit lackluster and fall short of our hopes and desires for it. However, I'm not talking about those games. I'm talking about in general. Which is it for you?

For me, I think it's the beginning of the game. Beginnings are messy things, but I usually have a good idea about how I'll feel about a game by how excited I am about a character. Yes, I've had great games where I didn't learn how much I liked my character until later, but generally that doesn't match the energy I feel going into a game with a new character that inspired me to write more than just the usual back story.

So, what about you? Do you have a preference?

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  1. As GM my excitement usually rises as the PCs are doing well. Thats when the game really gets moving and the energy just builds. As a player it's usually when my insane plans work out and I dumbfound the GM.