Friday, June 17, 2011

Discussion: Con Season

As the summer truly gets under way, we are fast approaching con season for the RPG industry. Origins and Gencon are coming up fast, a long with a number of other cons.

Honestly, I don't have all that much experience with gaming conventions. I've been to three, and by that I mean I've been to one convention three times. The convention in question was Rune Con, a con held nearby in Connecticut yearly for a while. It wasn't anything particularly special, but there were games and events so people had a good time.

My goal is to be able to go to GenCon sometime in the next three years. I had originally wanted to go this year, but with graduating from college it just didn't seem practical. Maybe next year, if I'm financially stable enough. Who knows, by then I'll have a launched game and could just be the next wonder mind of the RPG industry (yeah right!)

Anyhow, for today's discussion I wanted to talk about cons. Which did you go to that was your favorite? Was one a huge disappointment? What do you like the most about the cons? What do you like the least? Hit us with your best con-related stories.

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  1. We have a local university con that is quite well done. I've attended but never had a booth. We were going to last year but couldn't scrape up the cash. I have a four day pass to go to Gen con and I submitted a GMing session but haven't heard anything back. I've never been to Gen Con before so this will be new to me.