Monday, May 23, 2011

Status Update

Haven't done one of these in a while, but with this place about to cross its 18 month birthday (yeah, 1.5 years. shut up, leave me alone!) Feels a bit like a waste of a day's post, but just bare with me as some of this I want to make sure I go over and let folks know what is going on.

First off, Reality Refracted is about to cross its 18 month anniversary. For some reason the six month time line is more important to me with this blog than the year one. I was happier about reaching six months than I was a year, and I'm even more happy to be about to cross 18 months. In that time, the blog's readership has slowly gone up. We're still not seeing crazy high numbers, but it's averaging around 50 unique visitors a day, which is a definite step up from the 20 hits a day it was getting about six months ago. Not sure yet how much impact the brief splash on reddit had, but it definitely blew away the previous daily high.

The Author
Next off, the biggest change with Reality Refracted is actually in my personal life. I just finished up my last semester of college as a non-traditional returning  student. Which means that short term, I should have more time than I did before, but also means I need to be looking for work full time and all that fun stuff that goes with it. Mean time, I'm also trying to put more time into my side projects (the game and a novel), so we'll see how those go. However, this is probably the thing that matters the least to you, so lets move on.

Crime 101
I'm not done with this series, even if it has been on hiatus for a while. One of the big problems is, the basics to a lot of crimes have been covered, and I'm trying to look into other ways to use the series. Perhaps as a more helpful way in your game. Such as tips for planning the fantasy heist, or running a fantasy heist as opposed to a modern or sci-fi one. As usual, if you have any crimes in particular you'd like looked into, send me work (the email link is above, but equates to blog realityrefracted com. minus the spaces, and using @ and . instead of those words obviously) The same if you have suggestions or anything else.

Character Types
Pretty much the same with this one. I'm looking into doing more. Trust me, there are still a lot of character types out there and permutations of them all. This one has been sitting by the wayside for a while, and I kind of want to fix that as it is partially responsible for the collaboration between myself and Jason Richards for one of his complete characters, and well, I was always kind of fond of that project. So, there'll likely be more of this coming.

Dramatic Situations
This one never quite panned out the way I wanted. I may go back to it some day. When I do, I'll probably start from scratch with it. In the mean time, I'll leave the old posts up. Like with everything else, if you have recommendations or things you want broken down or gone over, then send me an email at the above address.

I've had some people ask about this, so I wanted to talk about it. I stopped doing reviews for a few reasons. Primarily, I didn't have time. I don't like reviewing games that I haven't played or put time into. At the very least, I want to be able to make a few characters and try a few things out with the system, and I didn't have time for that. The second reason is that, generally speaking I can only review the games I have, and that means either reviewing things out for a while in some cases, or wait until I get a new game. This is further complicated that I'm not going to buy a game I'm not sure I want, which means reviews would all tend to be high. This in turn, could make a game look worse by not being as high as another game, when it just isn't the case. That isn't to say that I won't do another review in the future. Just that if and when I do, it will likely be a fair distance apart. Doing otherwise would be more like giving a book review than a game review.

Other Series
Other series may start in the future. I'm taking a look at some, and I've also gotten a few ideas from watching other blogs and things that I like. So keep your eyes peeled. Otherwise, we'll have gaming goodness going on here, hopefully for another 18 months or so.


  1. I wish you well with finding a job, don't get discouraged, it's not much fun when you're in the market. Looking forward to all that is to come!

  2. Thanks for the well wishing Emmett. A few people are helping me with looking/getting one, and my old boss (and their boss) are trying to get me in back at the school as a full time professional position. We'll see how that plays out.

    I'm looking forward to all this post school stuff to calm down and for the time I was promised to show itself :D