Friday, May 6, 2011

Discussion: Other Gaming Blogs

Over the course of Reality Refracted's ~1.5 years of life, I've slowly developed a small but loyal readership here. Sure, I'm not one of the hugely successful blogs, but I get a few dozen unique hits a day, and that number seems to be growing at a slow but steady pace. I am assuming that the people who follow this blog enjoy the content, which is awesome. Why is it awesome? Well, because people who like one thing, will also often like other things that are similar but different, and today that is what I want to talk about.

What other gaming blogs out there would you recommend? I've got a fair few in the blog list on the right side of this page, some that update more often than others, and they all have enjoyable content at least more often than not. What about you? Are there more sites you go to regularly? Do you have a gaming blog that you're trying to get off the ground, or just want to plug here? Tell us about it, where it is, and why it is awesome.

Here, I'll get the ball rolling with a few shameless plugs of my own.

The Princess and the Warlock
This is a gaming blog hosted by my cousin and his wife. They tend to run the gamut across gaming and geekery with their posts, and while they don't update quite as regularly as I'd like them to, they do have good content. The Warlock is one of the best GMs I've ever had the pleasure of playing under, and I've played under a lot of great GMs over the years. The Princess is a solid GM in her own right, but also brings a different level of insight into a lot of these matters of geekery and play. So, check them out.

Jason Richards Can Not Be Trusted
Say what you want about Palladium, some of their games were damn fun. Jason Richards is another one of those sites that doesn't update half as often as I'd like him to, but he also has fun content. I've already raved about his Complete Characters, and he may be the blog I link to the most on here. The reason for that is fairly simple though, Mr. Richards is a great guy, perhaps the kindest guy on the net, and maybe if we poke him enough he'll keep updating that blog of his with his zany ideas.

Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer
Tragically, I don't read this blog as much as I used to. Not because it took a quality hit, nor even a content shift, I just didn't have as much time to read it and somehow this became the one that was cut out. Still, you should definitely check it out. Pointyman's blog is full of wonderful ideas for campaigns (his Mage: Awakening High game looks like it'll be awesome!), game reviews, character ideas, and ways to handle all sorts of cool stuff. Seriously, check his blog out, you'll learn stuff you didn't even know you needed to learn!

Stuffer Shack
I just found these guys recently, or rather they found me, and as a disclaimer I do write for this blog (only one post so far, but a second should be going up during Snake Week). Still, the Shack has a variety of views on a lot of different things within games, and some very insightful posts. Plus, they have useful things to buy for your DND game, such as horse minis and other fun stuff. You should give them a shot, check out some of their back log of posts, and read. I can all but guarantee you'll enjoy at least one of the Crew member's style.

So, how about the rest of you? Got a favorite you'd like to recommend?


  1. Aw, thanks for the plug hon! Much apprecaited. Yeah, I wish we could update more frequently too. Right now we try to aim to get at least one new post a week. The Warlock is often too busy doing rampaging across the world to expand his empire (ie- playing Civilization) to sit down and do his homework. And honestly, I'm fine with a weekly post, because there was a point back when I was maintaining Pretty Wonderland when I was doing 2-3 posts a week and I found it really draining after a while to keep up with that pace, especially with being so busy. I find a weekly post is a slow but steady and stressfree pace. I'm always amazed by you and others that I have seen that are able to get so many quality posts out like... every day or every other day. I need whatever fuel ya'll are consuming :D

  2. Hmm. I don't follow too many blogs because most of them are all about D&D. I only play Sci-fi or modern games so even if I could find a useful point buried in there somewhere it's way too much work.

    I have Stargazer in my RSS feed and but Rob Lang the writer only posts occasionally. I hang out at the 1KM1KT forum under the name Onix. I'll pick out posts that are interesting from other blogs occasionally.