Monday, May 30, 2011

Discussion: Character You Want To Play

Partially due to time constraints on me due to a busy/hectic weekend, and also in honor of memorial day, I'd like to have a discussion this Monday. On Friday, we had a memorial for games past, and you are still welcome to post there for your favorite game that died before it was ready. Today, I'd like to talk about a character that you want to play.

Often we have characters in mind that, despite wanting to, we just haven't been able to play them in a game. Maybe no one else runs that kind of game. Maybe it just never fits in, or otherwise wouldn't work out. Either way, we want to play, and have been so far denied this pleasure.

For me, it's simple. I want to play a mech pilot. Specifically, a mech pilot in a war story. I've had a few chances to do this, but have never just been able to go all for the mech angle on it. Not even (necessarily) the ace pilot, but just a solid all rounder or something. For me, this is hard as not many people are into mechs as much as I am. Still, some day I'm sure I will. Even if I just have to talk someone into running Heavy Gear again.

How about you?


  1. I'd really like to play a paladin, for some reason. Yes, I know how they tend to end up being stupid good or lawful stupid, we've only had bad experiences with them in our groups too. Even with a good player, they often end up being too restricted by the class itself. Playing a Cleric instead is much simpler.

    But still, maybe there might be a way to have fun while playing a paladin. :)

  2. There are a lot of ways to have fun while playing a Paladin. The key trick is to research the god you want to follow well. The little blurb in the book should work, or just discuss it with your GM.

    The tendencies for Lawful Stupid to happen are usually from players who don't fully understand Lawful Good and how it can work. You can be a right bastard as a Lawful Good character. You can be just as disliked and uncompromising as anyone. The trick is to just find your line and stick to it. know what. I'm going to do a Character Types post on Paladins later this week. As this is turning into a blog post worthy comment.