Monday, April 25, 2011

Quick Fix: Also Available On Stuffer Shack

I was waiting for it to be fully official to announce it, but for those of you who just aren't getting enough blog goodness from me, I will also be submitting original posts over at Stuffer Shack dot Com for the foreseeable future. How did this happen? Well, quite frankly, I don't know. It was all just kind of a haze, and the next thing you know Tourq's got me up on the Crew page, and I've agreed to submit articles as I can (which at the time is slow due to school).

Beyond the interest of self disclosure, the Shack's got a lot of good stuff over there, so give them a shot.

Oh, and you can find my first contribution right here.


  1. Yessssss... you have fallen into our trap...

  2. Congratulations! Always exciting to pick up an even bigger audience.

  3. Charisma, would that be the trap where I get to write more and get an even bigger ego? :P

    Seth, thanks. I'm also glad the first post went over so well there. They have a fun site over there too, so I'm glad to be a part of it.