Friday, April 1, 2011

I Hate Players & So Do You

It being April Fool's day, I figured it would be a fun day to hash out why we hate players. Now, maybe you don't hate them all the time, but if you've GMed at all, at some point in time you were seething with rage and vitriol  at something your players did. So, lets go for it! For those not clear, this is intended to be a little tongue in cheek, and all that fun stuff.

Some reasons I hate players?

They always want to win. They think they always should win too. You can't do anything without a player trying to find a way to twist it to their advantage, come out ahead, or otherwise get a gold star out of it. They're never ok with losing. The idea of building up tension, suffering a defeat, and then coming back are completely lost on them. It's enough to drive you nuts!

Even worse though, they're shameless in their pursuit of victory. You want to see a noble samurai pull off the dirtiest tricks every? Make it the quickest path to victory for the samurai PC! Want to see a Knight throw away his family's honor? Make it an easy path to victory. Then, watch as the PC justifies with loop hole after loop hole in whatever honor code is there and argue why they should not only not lose honor, but should actually gain honor for their despicable deeds!

Yep, that is PCs for you. Completely sure that the world is there for them and them alone. That the tides themselves should bow to their will. What about you? What do PCs do that really cheeses you off?


  1. Startin' to sound a little like the Angry DM. :)

  2. He does have one of my favorite joke quotes about gaming ever.

    "Remember, NPCs are like PCs, only multiplied by awesome. Don't let your grand standing players get in the way of the real power"

    In honestly, I love GMing and players. Sometimes they're just out there :D