Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve - Geekery and Games

This being Christmas Eve, I'm not going to be putting up a big blog post about gaming today. Next week, with the recovery from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, school, and finals, it will probably be a fairly light week as well, and my intention is to spend at least some of the week looking back over the past year and what it has meant for me as a gamer. Speaking of which, January 6th is this blog's birthday, when I started it over on livejournal at

All that being said, Christmas is a lot of things, and on the selfish side of that coin, that many (myself included), would argue is not part of the holiday, also a time to look forward to the luxuries you can get even if otherwise it wouldn't be smart, or affordable, to acquire them. So, what games are you looking to get into over the holiday season, or the weeks after it?

For me, I'm looking forward to more time to play City of Heroes for one. I've been paying for the game for the better part of six years, and have not been playing it nearly as much. The fact that the Winter/New Year event is going on, just sort of sweetens the pot for that.

I've also recently gotten back into miniature gaming with Malifaux. A friend's crew, plus the art style, tantalized me into buying a box and I really like the game. I now have two boxed crews, and the rule book, and am looking forward to learning how to paint the models.

Finally, I'm also looking forward to just relaxing, reading, and taking things at a slower pace. So much of the year is just go, go, go; now, now now; that a few days to a week where I can respond with "Maybe later" will be good. Granted, I'll be working the week, but being as I work at a school, and the teachers will be done grading, it should be quiet in general.

So, what about you? What are you looking forward to, if anything, over the holiday break? If you don't have one, do you have plans coming up for the new year?

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