Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Discussion: Holiday Themed Games

Some gaming groups love to do holiday themed games, while others tend to avoid it. Some grooups will run a specific game just for the holiday, while others try to blend it into their existing game. The concept could come from anywhere, numerous TV shows, comics, and other long running serials will have special themed episodes for various times of the year. Showing the characters relaxing or struggling around Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Halloween to name a few of the big ones that come up.

Personally, I've never ran, or been in, a holiday themed game. Not that I've never wanted to, but the opportunity has just never come up. I am curious as to how they have worked, how people have done them, and what themes you were particularly going for. Halloween in particular seems to be a big one for themed gaming, allowing people to break out their old Call of Cthulu, Paranoia, and other horror based RPGs.

So, what about you? Have you ran a holiday themed game or adventure? What holiday? What game? How did it work out? Would you recommend it to others? Would you do it again? Share your stories with the rest of us below.


  1. I just ran a Halloween-themed game for my supers group. They fought the Headless Horseman (or one of many, actually).
    I'll probably run a Christmas one, too.
    This session took place "out of continuity," like many holiday-themed comics do...
    I think the players liked it, especially when I worked in the one of the weirdest supervillain groups I know... ;)

  2. That sounds awesome. I forgot to mention the out of continuity bit, may have to try that later on for one of my games.

    Hmm, perhaps the Deathwatch can rediscover the meaning of Christmas....

  3. As long as it's like the Zim Christmas episode.

  4. I've run Halloween games on several occasions. Did Ravenloft last year (the original module, with my own twists). The year before that I did a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vs. Universal Movie Monsters adventure. Tarzan, Wild Bill Hickock and the Artful Dodger vs. Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman. Prior to that, I'd done an extension of our Dark Conspiracy campaign, where the team were posing as senior counselors at a summer camp near a lake...

    I've never done a christmas adventure, though... mainly because I'm hardly ever around any of my gaming buddies during the holidays. Also.. what kind of adventure would you do? Hrm... Celebrating Life Day with the Wookiees?