Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick Fix: Games You're Looking Forward To

So, with Gen Con having just happened earlier in the month, a whole slew of games have been announced or are coming out in the next couple of weeks/months. I'm curious as to what everyone is looking forward to the most, or is really excited to finally have in their hot little hands now that the convention time is over.

For me, the two games I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the most are Death Watch, from Fantasy Flight Games; and Blood and Honor by John Wick. I'm looking forward to both for different reasons.

Death Watch is because I like the 40k universe. I've been greatly enjoying Dark Heresy, have heard only good things about Rogue Trader, and am therefore excited to see what they did to put players in control of veteran and elite Space Marines. The fact that the systems are all compatible also means that you can do cross overs between them, which is something of a dream of mine to someday be able to pull off. You know, having 2-3 games going, and than a part where they can intersect and work together. Or just running a Death Watch game, but allowing people to be attached from RT or DH for some weird and special reason.

Blood and Honor I'm more interested in as a game designer and a Japanophile. I'm curious to see all that Wick has done with his return to the world of samurai. I'm curious to see what he did to tweak Houses of the Blooded to be more group friendly. I could answer all these by reading my PDF, but I kinda want to wait for my physical copy to arrive in the mail. I'm hoping, if I get a chance to run it, my play group will be able to mesh with it better than we did on our first trial of Houses.

So how about you? What are you looking forward to?

Oh, and as a personal plug, I'm also looking forward to when I can finally do something aside from write/edit M.A/C.C. And people can still look to the side of the page for a link to Unsung Heroes, which is a small, free, stand alone & expansion RPG I cooked up when looking for a fun/quick way to do bigger battles.

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