Monday, August 23, 2010

How Do You Act During the Last Session?

I've talked a lot about the end game on this blog before, the mechanics, the story, the almost freeing nature of it. It's something that has been on my mind a lot lately, and why shouldn't it when both games I am running are quickly working towards their end game? M.A/C.C has maybe 2 sessions left, possibly 3, but also possibly only the one (todays). Greymoore has another 3 or 4, but is very clearly - and rapidly - approaching the Epilogue session where we go over who lived and how they live after the great battle.

What I am interested in today though is how do you act when it is the last session? Do you act differently knowing that you are done with the character that day no matter what? A bit less cautious? A bit more keen to rush in and grab the glory? Or do you play as usual, either because you always let the character in your head decide, or because you want to keep the person alive for some reason or another.

I've seen both ways work, and they're always very interesting to me. Some people are hoping to live in case there is a sequel game, or just to say they survived through the game. Others, play like crazy people, wanting that last bit of glory and to go out with a bang. They know that it doesn't matter, because they are losing their beloved character either way, either through death or the game ending, and why not end it on their terms?

The player of Dioxin has me curious about this for tonight. He won't be around next week, and likely the week after. Meaning tonight is his last game with the group. He has openly said he will "play it differently" if he knows that it is his last session. I am curious as to what that means, especially in light of how crazy he has begun to be acting as the game moved forward and the curtains were fully raised from the world.

So, how about you? Do you play differently in those last sessions? Or do you just let it sit like any other session?


  1. I think I qualify for the latter--I don't always succeed in getting killed but I certainly take more risks. It's easier when you know that you won't be playing for much longer. I don't think I would be so brash if I *knew* a sequel were coming up...but it depends on how much I like my character. I'm not that attached to some of them =3

  2. I think, just as in the rest of the game, the important thing is to enjoy what you are doing and have fun, it is after all a game. Personally i like to stay true to my character because otherwise it feels kind of cheap to me. Furthermore there is also the idea that when the last session is the culmination of the game in some epic boss fights most of the time the characters can sense the end is near too, and depending on the character this may mean doing whatever it takes to finish things including acting a bit different than normal.