Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick Fix - Random Update

Still on vacation, just figured I'd update for those readers who may, or may not be, regulars can keep themselves abreast of what is going on.

M.A/C.C: No beta test update for this week, or next week since there won't be game. People are on vacation (like myself) and/or just otherwise don't have the time for it. We'll pick up again soon with the "real" beginning since the intro is done. Hopefully will be fun.

On M.A/C.C itself, the game is feature complete. I'm tweaking rules as I notice things, and rebalancing things. We recently found a big issue with the pricing of a key item for bases that was fixed. Other than that, I am taking a break from the rules to try and write some fluff. Something I'm finding is much harder to do than I had originally thought, though I do like it. When/if I get the first one fully done (or at least through an editing past or two and have settled on it) I'll post it up here for critique.

Greymoore: Likewise with M.A/C.C there will be no greymoore game this week. Over half the game is gone on vacation. We'll pick that up again at the next normal session for it.

Also, everyone should totally check out Jason Richards's and Jason Marker's blogs (links on the right. Jason Richards Can Not Be Trusted and Motor City Gamewerks and see what they're up to. Jason Richards just started his own publishing company.). In general you should check those blogs out linked on the right.

Have fun, happy gaming. I'm off for more vacation fun.

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