Friday, June 11, 2010

Quick Fix - New GM One Shot

It's just going to be a quick fix for today, maybe not so quick but that is the idea behind it. But tonight we're not going to be having our usual Greymoore game. The player of Liam is going to be camping and can't make it, normally I'd just run while being a person down except that Liam is the main character for the Greymoore game - an experiment we all agreed upon when the game started - and the next session is one of some plot significance that I want everyone to be there for.

As such, one of the players is going to take his first shot at running a game. Nothing huge, just a one shot. The players who can make it will be playing, and I'll be playing the role of assistant GM. Helping out with the mechanics. I've also made the pre-gen characters for the game, nothing special, but hopefully it will be fun for everyone and that most treasured of gaming items - a new GM - will be born.

I'll be back Saturday with the update on how things go.

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