Tuesday, June 1, 2010

M.A/C.C - Beta Test - Vive La Resistance

So, we did character creation for the M.A/C.C beta test that I am going to be running over the summer. Players are still deciding on names right now, so I can't give cast information. expect it in the first real update for the game itself.

The game is my first time running a full game with the system, I've done one shots and some combats with it, but the Alpha test was run by someone else. This is also the second real heavy hitting the system is getting, as several of the players were asked to try and break it a bit if they could. Despite that, characters still seem to come up fairly well.

My real purpose in this game is to stress test the rules, pushing some things to extremes, but also testing them out under normal circumstances. The rules worked out well in the Alpha, and no one has seen any glaring issues in the game from looking through the rules, so I figure it is time to put the pressure on.

The other thing I am testing out is the Powers system. M.A/C.C is about being batman, not superman, but being Batman has less meaning in a world without Superman. Powers are meant for NPCs to have, things that players may have to go up against and fight with. So they need to be terrifying, but they also need to not be an instant kill or some such thing.

In order to do this, I've set up a world just for it. Well, I've taken the world I used for a teen hero game a year or so ago, and corrupted it into something else. The world has been cracked and destroyed by constant wars, and the last vestiges of humanity live in domed cities called Megopoli. The heroes are still simply being heroes, and the world has stabilized in the domed cities. Life has, for all intents and purposes returned to normal. Just in giant domed cities, each at least the size of New York City.  Not all is as it seems though, and an organization known as The Gideons has arranged the PCs together to see what is really going on, while helping people out.

Tasked with that mission, to help people (there is normal and super crime still) while looking into what the Government is hiding, what the Supers connection to things are, and why things are done the way they are should bring the PCs into numerous conflicts. Especially while also having their normal lives to lead.

I'm hoping it will be fun. I'll post more on the game, and the world later. For now, remember

Happy Gaming!

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