Friday, April 2, 2010

Just Have Fun

Another short one today.

I've talked a lot about different ways of doing games, different situations, different character types, I don't think I've actually addressed the primary thing you need to keep in mind when you are playing an RPG though, and that is to JUST HAVE FUN.

The G in RPG comes from Game, and games are supposed to be fun. So why are you sitting there being bored when you came to play a game? This is one of those areas where communication is important. If you are not having fun in a game, tell the group. I don't care whether you are a player or the GM, if it is not fun for you, tell them. However, don't just say "this game sucks", have the reasons ready. Even if it is just "for some reason I'm not having fun", that is fine. It might be a personal thing, maybe gaming just isn't for you. However, if you know the reason, talking it out civilly may be able to save the game, or at least stop you from hurting someone's feelings. So the key is to discuss it, but to discuss it civilly.

There could be a lot of reasons you aren't having fun. Maybe the combat is too slow, too often, or no where near enough. Maybe you don't like the puzzles. Maybe you think your character has no role in the story. Find out what they are and bring them up to the group. Find a way to solve it, and bring the fun back into it. If someone isn't having fun, and you really want them to be part of the group then maybe the group should do something else.

Just having fun though is true in other aspects of the game. What can you do to have more fun? Maybe you think it'd be fun to just attack the monster instead of all this "what is your story" stuff. Why not go for it? You need to take some care yes, after all you don't want to ruin someone else's fun in pursuit of yours (we call that being as @$$hole kids). However, in a lot of cases the group will have fun with it. It can apply to other things as well. A lot of times being bored, especially in game, is because you are just sitting there doing nothing. So why not do something in game? Ask the GM for some time and just go do something. Tag along with another player and do something (the more players you involve in your thing,the more likely you will get a good amount of 'screen' time.).

So really, this boils down to a few small points.
* Games are meant to be fun
* RPGs are Games
* Do what you can to Have Fun while playing in an RPG
* If you can not have fun, discuss with the group.

That's it, 4 points that when followed can lead to a much happier game experience. Enjoy!

Happy Gaming.

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