Friday, April 30, 2010

Greymoore - Session 9

We had a short session tonight, so I'll spare you the usual ceremony with the cast information.

The Session
The session started with Liam in the trap of the 7 grey-skinned warriors with the man who had just stabbed his father right in front of him. Seeing his father go down, Liam drew his sword and attacked the man chasing him away. Then, grabbing his father he knocked the door in to a nearby building and pulled his father out of harm's way with arrows hitting the wall and ground behind him. Another of the grey-skinned warriors jumped out of the shadows, just barely missing Liam but making him (Liam) jump back out of the house to get away. Using his shield, Liam just barely managed to avoid getting hit, and charged the warrior in the doorway dropping him in one hit. The cost of the kill though being the loss of his sword as the grey skinned fighter dropped to the ground.

Taking the moment of reprieve to check his father, Liam is crushed to see that his father is indeed dead. Pulling the sword from his father's belt, a random impulse sends him back to get the sword that Rab had given him as well. Something that costs him as it exposes him once more to the enemies who manage to get two hits on him. One with a blade, and one with an arrow. Running out of time, Liam goes out the other side of the house, bursting through the door and calling out for a Dwarf named Grenru Crabshall before succumbing to his injuries and passing out.

Back in the estate, Darcy realizes that Liam is missing when doing the rounds of the various party members. She lucks out and the first servant she grabs happens to be one who knows that Liam went out. Confirming with the guard the direction he went before setting off with Rab to find him. Their search bares fruit shortly after as they hear the spreading rumor of the injured kid bursting into the street, calling for a 'Crabshall' before passing out. Darcy sends Rab back to get the others while she goes looking for the source of the gossip.

When Rab gets to the estate, Ilian has an idea and uses magic to show them where Liam is, getting a straight line path pointing to the boy. They gather Darcy and their gear from the city and head out. Finding that Liam is already out of the city. The pursuit is one, both groups aided by magic to not be tired move all day and all night for two days, but in the end the party is gaining and scouting from the air Ilian sees them. They make a quick plan of attack and move up, only to find that the wagon the enemy is using has gone off the road. Finding it in the flat plains around them is not particularly hard however, and they move forward on the attack.

Ilian uses magic again, flooding the area with light so that the shadow skinned creatures can not flee to the shadows. Rab, Darcy, and Grenru rush in and quickly dispatch the six guards of the wagon without much difficulty. Leaving one alive to keep as a prisoner, with the only hiccup coming in stopping Liam from beating their prisoner to death in a rage at the thought that they killed his father.

The game ended there for the night, the group deciding what to do with their prisoner and where to go from here. Knowing the next few days will be slow ones as their bodies will have to make up for the magically fueled effort they all made.

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