Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bad Rolls = Good RP

Today is going to be another short one, but I figured I'd take the time to share a little gem of wisdom that was told to me years ago. It rung true then, and in my opinion it still holds true today when it comes to role playing. The little gem? It's quite simple really.

You can't have good Role Play without Bad Rolls.

What does it mean exactly? Aside from the obvious I mean. Simply put, you can't win all the time. Good rolls are awesome, winning is awesome, but you don't get much character development from winning all the time, you What makes a character grow is losing, being defeated, then growing to over come what it is that made them lose in the first place. Bad rolls are not something to be afraid of, they can help your character grow in ways you wouldn't believe.

So, let the dice lay as they will. If they come up bad, its not the end of the world. Let your character grow from it, learn from it, show how they deal with that mess up. I've yet to see a good GM who lets one failed roll kill a character, so it is even unlikely you will lose the character for it. So why not try it out huh? Don't take Luck on that next character, and if you have it, just leave the dice on the table. Yeah, you failed, so what happens now? What goes wrong? How do you over come it?

Have fun with it, and remember that victory is oh so much the sweeter when you have tasted defeat as well.

Happy Gaming.

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