Sunday, January 17, 2010


This blog started at, but at the recommendation of a few friends I decided to move it here to blogspot and change the name from the often taken 'Art of Gaming' to the slightly more unique 'Reality Refracted' that it is going by now.

This blog is about "Gaming" and yes, I used a capital G for a reason. While I can't promise that it will cover every kind of gaming, I can say that I have some interest in almost every kind of gaming and there will probably be something applicable to that topic here. What you WILL find here though is primarily Table Top RPG discussion, along with some video game (both RPG and not) discussion, and lastly since it is intimately connected with both of those things, story design.

For the record, I am a nobody when it comes to the business of games. I have yet to publish a game (key word there is 'yet', I hope), a story, or anything else to put my name out there. I have however been gaming and GMing for about 15 years, as well as avidly reading what I can find on the subject for it. I have been an unofficial student of game design for the last several years, and most of what I'll be putting down here are my thoughts on things. My experience as a GM, a player, and someone who is going through the learning process of game design while designing and building something. I can not promise anything I say will be useful, but I will do my best to make at least 90% of it potentially useful.

The next, roughly 10 posts are going to be reposts from the livejournal blog. Then we'll get going fresh tomorrow.

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