Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Portrait - A Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge

Well, it's Friday, and that means another Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge. This week? A portrait is the prompt. I also wanted to try something different so the majority of the story, a measly 242 words, is in dialogue.

Hopefully you enjoy.

The Portrait (3/25/2011)
“You! Hey, You! What the hell is this?”

“Your photograph, sir.”

“That isn’t me! What kind of scam is this? Twenty dollars for a genuine old-time photograph, and instead I get what looks like some barbed chimp in a suit? I want my money back!”

“All sales are final.”

“Look here you carnie scum. You think just because you’re gonna roll out of here in a few days that you can just rob people? I paid good money for an old time photograph, and I want my god damned old time photograph!”

“Which you already have. Look, the sign says old time photograph, and that is one. Nothing says the picture is of you, that you’ll like it, or anything else. However, since you seem to be genuinely angry, let me see the picture and I’ll see what went wrong with the camera.”


“I...this is the photograph I gave you?”


“You’re sure of it?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. What, you got others ripping people off here too? Wait...you ok buddy? You look kind of pale.”

“Just...Sir..you need to get to a church immediately. The camera that I used...it’s evil. I’m so sorry..but you need to go, now, before it is too late!’

“What do you mea-”

“Just go! Now! Run!”

It was already too late. They found the man the next day lying under a tree. He looked just like his photograph.


  1. Hi! I did enjoy!!

  2. Oh good! I wasn't sure how it would come out considering it is just dialog on dialog

  3. If someone like that tells me to run to a church, I'll be saying Hail Mary's all the way to the nearest chapel. Very nice twist with the evil camera. And I liked the dialogue, actually; made me feel like I was watching a conversation then reading a news report about what happened to the man.

  4. Awesome, means the feel i was going for is there. Glad you liked it Writing Momma!

  5. You packed a lot of story into a small space - nice job!