Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Perg Hotel - A Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge

My entry into this weeks Flash Fiction Challenge from Chuck Wendig.

Disclaimer: This story deals with some adult content and vulgarity.

The Perg Hotel
“What if I blow you?”

“Excuse me?”

“If I fuck you, can I get a better room?”

M controlled his features. It wouldn't pay to let the starlet know that this was a common occurrence. He'd learned you had to sell it; otherwise they wouldn't pay. If it was common knowledge that every rich and attractive person could get a better room in exchange for carnal pleasure the source would quickly dry up. People – if you could even call them that still – did these things to feel special, not common.

“Come on, I know you know who I am. Most guys would cut off their dicks for what I'm offering. All I want is a better room.”

M did know who she was. It had been the reason for his surprise when the computer had assigned her to room 203. She had even taken the room assignment gracefully. At least until the next person in line – an elderly grandmother with three young children – had been assigned to room 205. She'd come right back then, and the longer M had stalled the more she had offered for a better room.

M made a show of typing on his computer, then looked up with a nervous smile – he still had to sell it. “Well, there is a vacancy on the sixth floor” Even through her large sunglasses he could feel the 'stop fucking around' glare. M's computer beeped. She had been reassigned. “And one of the penthouse suites just opened, but the only access is a private elevator.”

“I'll take it. Put it on my Amex, and bring up my bags for your 'thank you'.”

M smiled and handed over the room and elevator key to the starlet. He watched as she disappeared into the lift with a self-satisfied smile on her face. He finalized her room, and his the 'away' button on his terminal before grabbing the starlet's bags.

M whistled tunelessly as he waited for the elevator. He shot a wink to his co-worker who simply grinned back. There were definite perks to being a gate keeper, especially in The Perg Hotel.


It was two hours later when M finally reappeared in the lobby. He straightened his tie and tucked his shirt back into the waist band of his pants in plain view of the other employees. It was their custom, as much a badge of pride as a signal that everything had gone exactly as presented. An important qualification in their business. M smiled as he thought over the last two hours of depraved and filthy carnal pleasure with the starlet. Some days, most days in fact, he absolutely loved his job.

“M, A and D are here.”

M perked up at his coworker's words and looked to the door. A and D were the two sharpest dressed people in town, and they knew it. A wore a white suit, dark shades, and kept his blonde hair tied back in a small tail. D wore a black suit over his pale skin, no shades, and kept his dark hair close and neat.

“Hey, Mon. How's it going?” M sighed as A forced a bad Jamaican accent and mangled his name. It was almost ritual at this point, one of the very few bad parts of the job.

“Now now A, leave the poor kid alone. Can't you tell how hard he's been working?” D made a show of sniffing the air before giving M a lecherous grin. “Busy week, M?”

“It always is this time of year, D. Hadn't even realized it was Friday until you two showed up.”

“It's not. It's still Thursday, but blondie can't work tomorrow. So, we're doing it today. Got the paperwork all nice and tidy for you right here.” D set the sheaf of papers atop the counter as he spoke. That was one of the many great things about D, he always had his paperwork in order.

M looked through the paperwork anyhow, just to make sure, before nodding and typing the details into his computer. The computer beeped, whirred, and started to count down. “You have a five minute window. I'll clear my staff out to the back room, and meet you both in the parking lot when you're done.” M pressed a few more keys to signal the staff, and then moved out into the parking lot. A joined him a few seconds later. D had gone up to the fifth floor, the usual cut off point.

Fire erupted from every floor of the hotel with a flash, bang, and pop. Even outside, M could hear the screams of terror and cries of fright as people realized what was going on. It took a full minute before the first people started to stream out of the building, hacking and coughing as they went. It was nearly four minutes before the grandmother and kids got out – despite having been on only the second floor. M allowed himself a smile and a nod to the Grandmother. He'd known they'd have difficulty, it was always troublesome when a grandparent had the children, and had placed their room near an exit accordingly. At exactly five minutes the flames burst out hotter and wider than ever. The storm clouds over the Perg Hotel opened up, and those who had made it out of the hotel were taken up in a beam of light. Those who hadn't...well, the flames had burst out for a reason.

D walked out of the hotel a few moments later. The flames died down with every step he took, until the hotel looked exactly as it had before A and D had arrived. “Man, that starlet of yours. Absolutely smoking.” D chuckled at his own pun and held out his hand. M shook D's hand, and then A's.

“See you guys next Friday”


  1. Oh so wicked! This was really good. As dark as it turned out to be, I had to smile at the end. Just love your characters. Every Friday is 'cleaning day'? Send people to their final 'resting place'? Terrific use of the prompt. Thanks for this one!

  2. Got it in one. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Starts with a bang and finishes with one. Nice!